The Ethiopian Children’s Fund (ECF) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to helping those most vulnerable and least able to help themselves – primarily children without parents. ECF’s flagship in Ethiopia is its Education & Development Programe in Aleltu (EDP) is an innovative integrated establishment for the protection and development of highly disadvantaged children and their communities suffering from extreme poverty and social problems such as HIV/AIDS.


Artists for Charity is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to raising awareness and securing funds for humanitarian causes. We are made up of artists and individuals from all over the world who not only volunteer time, but also donate their precious artwork for the sake of change.


COEEF is primarily a girl’s education program and connects sponsor’s to girls in Ethiopia. When new sponsors join COEEF, they receive a notice from Norm with their student’s name and some biographical information, such as where she lives, her parent’s names, her likes and dislikes, etc., and a photo as soon as it is available. They encourage correspondence between our sponsors and their students. The organization requires thier partner schools to make sure that each student writes casino pa natet her sponsor at least once a year. They also deliver photos, postcards and small trinkets on behalf of their sponsors during our regular trips to Ethiopia. Building bonds of friendship and affection are an essential part of the COEEF program.


The Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1984 to promote amateur soccer and cultural events within the Ethiopian community in the North America. Its goals include providing positive role models for the youth, promoting goodwill between the Ethiopian communities in North America and creating a bridge where people from Ethiopia and North America can interact in a mutually beneficial manner. In addition to the sports event, the Federation also promotes cultural activities to provide opportunities for Americans to learn more about Ethiopia’s culture and history.

THE WORLD FAMILY Ethiopian Orphans & Medical Care

Their goals include improving the quality of health care in Ethiopia and reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases by: Providing medical equipment and supplies for Ethiopian rural health care centers that provide services for the community with HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, malaria net distribution, and education on family planning, nutrition, personal and community hygiene.


Ethiopia Reads is a grassroots non-profit/non-government organization geared toward bringing literacy and literacy related resources to Ethiopia. Their mission is to develop a reading culture in Ethiopia by connecting children with books.


Partners in Development (PID) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization located in Alexandria, Virginia. PID seeks to address critical development issues facing Africa such as HIV/AIDS; brain drain resulting from large scale immigration of Africans to the west; and the plight of women entrepreneurs in Africa seeking to compete in the global market place. The key PID program areas are HIV/AIDS prevention and support programs with a focus on addressing the gender dimension of HIV/AIDS; mobilization of the African Diaspora to participate in knowledge transfer and employment creation activities in their respective countries; and promoting trade and investment in Africa through collaboration and support to organizations supporting women entrepreneurs and exporters in Africa.


Youth Development primary purpose is to serve the Ethiopian American Youth in their development of positive values, self-esteem and citizenship. Support and Cultural Enhancement focus will include – Academic mentoring and or tutoring programs through matches with professionals, college students or older students, particularly for youth whose parents don’t reside in the U.S., English as a second language, after-school/ homework clubs, access to the internet, career guidance and exploration, assistance with the process of citizenship, political awareness, orientation to local community, Cultural advancement and exchanges.


The mission of the Ethiopian Library & Information Foundation for Education (eLIFE) is to provide free and publicly accessible learning centers throughout Ethiopia as a place people turn to for the discovery of ideas, the joy of reading and the nbso power of information. Towards this mission, the Ethiopian Library & Information Foundation for Education (eLIFE) will select, acquire, organize and preserve books and other materials of contemporary interest and permanent value through donations in the United States and make them available in cities throughout Ethiopia for the education, enjoyment and intellectual stimulation of the entire Ethiopian public.


The Life's Second Chance foundation was born with a vision of creating a world where people suffering from cancer get the best medical help and attention. By establishing hospitals and research centers, patients can be treated with dignity, comfort and hope. The Life's Second Chance Foundation Hospital's appeal was launched in 2005.


The Fregenet Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing early childhood education to children from low-income families in Ethiopia. The first Fregenet School (Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat) opened its doors in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in the fall of 2004, and enrolled 31 children of ages 4 to 6 from a small and impoverished community in Addis Abeba. The vision for the school was inspired by Fregenet Tafesse Woubshet, an Ethiopian-American, who died in 2003 before she could realize her dream of returning to Ethiopia to help children.


Tesfa in Los Angeles was founded by 12 caring, Ethiopian women to address abject poverty in their home country. In the last thirty years, Ethiopia has been plagued by cycles of drought, famine, and civil unrest that has left large portions of the population in desperate conditions. The magnitude and intensity of the problems Ethiopia faces is overwhelming and beyond the scope of a single organization. However, it is the belief of the members of Tesfa in Los online casinos Angeles that individuals can make a difference in people's lives. During the last 13 years Tesfa has touched the lives of over 3,000 people in the capital city of Addis Ababa and a rural village. Tesfa’s mission is to extend a helping hand to destitute families and communities on the road to self-sufficiency, one family and community at a time.


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It is through their mission that they are striving to reach 30 countries and save 100,000 lives. AHF pledges to fight this disease no matter whom it afflicts, or where it is found. They are determined to eradicate AIDS from the globe. Based in Los Angeles, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is the nation’s largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care. It offers cutting-edge medicine and advocacy, regardless of ability to pay to more than 27,000 people in the United States, Africa, Central America and Asia.