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Partners in Development (PID) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization located in Alexandria, Virginia. PID seeks to address critical development issues facing Africa such as HIV/AIDS; brain drain resulting from large scale immigration of Africans to the west; and the plight of women entrepreneurs in Africa seeking to compete in the global market place. The key PID program areas are HIV/AIDS prevention and support programs with a focus on addressing the gender dimension of HIV/AIDS; mobilization of the African Diaspora to participate in knowledge transfer and employment creation activities in their respective countries; and promoting trade and investment in Africa through collaboration and support to organizations supporting women entrepreneurs and exporters in Africa. PID also implements domestic programs that strive to bring together Africans and African Americans. We achieve this by disseminating economic, historical, and cultural information about Africa to strengthen historical ties and provide opportunities for philanthropy in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention and support. In addition, we provide entrepreneurship training to African immigrants in the U.S. with the objective of helping them become self reliant and able to achieve the "American Dream." PID seeks to also provide affordable housing opportunities to African immigrants.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

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