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Anbessa Productions was started by Esteban Dessalines and Solomon Feleke in April of 2005. Esteban had employed Solomon as his gardener and they became friends. Their first event, the Enkutatash concert, which took place on September 10, 2005, went well. At this time Esteban and the concept of the Anbessa mission were introduced to the Ethio-American community in the Bay Area of California.

Anbessa Entertainment was formed when Solomon and Esteban joined forces with Elias Negash, in order to diversify and bring a multifaceted approach to introducing Ethiopian music and culture to a broader American audience.  After Solomon’s departure from the group, Elias Negash, Mehret Abraha, and Esteban Dessalines formed Anbessa Enterprises, Inc. Their purpose was to develop an economic base, via magazine publishing, recording music, production of art, and merchandising, which would be capable of supporting and endowing the Anbessa Foundation. At the ESFNA tournament of July 2006, in Los Angeles, the idea of Anbessa Foundation was introduced to and well received by the larger Ethio-American community of the United States.

Finally, in the Winter/Spring of 2007, after visiting Ethiopia and with the assistance of those who would become the board of directors, Esteban founded Anbessa Foundation, which was his goal from the beginning.

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Sunday, 12 October 2008

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