Make a Difference

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Be a part of the solution and help us to “adopt” the 4.6 million orphaned children in Ethiopia.  Become a sponsor.

Sponsorship Levels
Diamond Sponsors: Those who contribute $25,000.00 or more
Platinum Sponsors: Those who contribute $10,000.00-$24,999.99
Gold Sponsors: Those who contribute $5,000.00-$9,999.99
Silver Sponsor: Those who contribute $1,000.00-$4,999.99
Contributing Member:  Those who contribute $1.00-$999.99

Highlighted Sponsor

Townsend and Townsend and Crew, LLP

Townsend takes pride in supporting the not-for-profit companies and organizations that make a difference in the legal community, as well as the local communities in which we are privileged to live and work. In the past three years (2004-2007), Townsend has donated nearly $1 million to legal aid organizations and charities that provide support for those who lack access to the legal system as a result of poverty, discrimination, immigration, and other factors.

In 2006 Townsend was publicly recognized by the Silicon Valley Campaign for Legal Services for its contribution of $50,000 to that group's annual campaign. This gift was one of five $50,000 gifts (totaling $250,000) directed to five different legal aid organizations that came as a direct result of a large contingency fee award.

We encourage attorneys and staff in our various offices to participate in events in their local communities. For example, in our Denver office we have participated in the Metro Denver Sports Commission's "Sneaker Week," which raises money for the Commission's Foundation by recruiting employees in and around Denver to pay at least $5 per day for one week for the right to wear sneakers to work. Other fundraising events are built around the 'sneaker' theme and take place throughout the week.

Also in our Denver office, we have provided support for Hope Communities. Last year, we sponsored this organization's "10 Homes of Hope" project, being built at 39th and Adams. Hope purchased the property and is building 10 homes on the site which will be sold at prices well below market value to 10 needy families. Kenneth Chang, a partner in Townsend's Denver office, serves on the Hope Communities board of directors.

For more information regarding Townsend's civic and charitable efforts, please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Townsend's lawyers devote significant time and effort to assist individuals, non-profits and other entities in need of legal representation that would otherwise be unable obtain the level of representation that our attorneys can offer. While we strive to find opportunities to perform pro bono work related to our intellectual property focus, our recent experience covers a broad range of disputes, including patent, trademark and copyright counseling and litigation, ecclesiastical law, immigration, asylum, education, prisoner rights and death penalty appeals and real estate disputes.

Townsend provides numerous opportunities for its attorneys to participate in pro bono matters, and more than 40 of the firm's attorneys participated in pro bono representations in 2007. In recent years, Townsend lawyers have appeared as special prosecutors in a criminal matter in Colorado, participated in a court-appointed pro bono mediation, obtained restraining orders to protect victims of domestic violence in San Mateo County, assisted non-profit organizations in seeking trade mark rights, provided advice to a non-profit charter school, represented an individual in an employment discrimination case, accepted court appointment to successfully represent a prisoner in his civil action against Adams County Colorado, and represented a minister in ecclesiastical court after she was threatened with church discipline for performing same-sex wedding ceremonies. Quote this article on your site

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Make a Difference
Saturday, 06 September 2008

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Make a Difference

Our first priority is the support of those programs, organizations, and agencies whose mandate is the care of the orphaned children of Ethiopia. Help stave the suffering with your kind donations.
Not ready to donate? News relevant to our mission happen all over the world. We have gathered some of it! read, share and comment on it here. Tired of listening to the opinions of others? Contribute your own on our blog, and share the site with your friends.

Culture and Community

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