Anbessa Magazine is the voice of the Anbessa movement, the movement to build a bridge of love, understanding, strength, and support, connecting the people of Ethiopia with the people of the United States.


Purchase a variety of items and know that every dollar you spend with us goes to supporting the Anbessa Now, the concept of setting rules is additionally true when it comes to taking part in on-line casino games. Mission and the programs and organizations that are working to achieve that vision.


Share your views and check out the views of others. Browse through the blogs that casino online have been written by the community and add your own opinions by writting your own.

Make a Difference

Our first priority is the support of those programs, organizations, and agencies whose mandate is the care of the orphaned children of Ethiopia. Help stave the suffering with your kind donations.
Not ready to donate? News relevant to our mission happen all over the world. We have gathered some of it! read, share and comment on it here. Tired of listening to the opinions of others? Contribute your own on our blog, and share the site with your friends.

Culture and Community

We are not done! Register for our newsletter to stay informed about new updates to anbessa foundation. We will of course, be adding features regularly. On our road map is a social community to permit you to reach out and connect with Ethiopians and those that love Ethiopian culture wherever you live.